Michelle Malkin is an Idiot
Michelle Malkin’s “View Without a Clue”

By Mary    ·     October 13th, 2006 at 4:15 pm


Remember the “special fun project” Michelle mentioned yesterday?

Today’s episode of Vent with Michelle Malkin is a Bizarro World version of ABC’s The View.

Malkin, Mary Katherine Ham and La Shawn Barber mirror Rosie, Joy and Barbara, while lefty Kirsten Powers represents the Bizarro version of Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

What’s the point, you ask? Beats me, but this much seems clear: Michelle Malkin really, really, really wants her own television show.

UPDATE 10/15/06: AllahPundit apparently didn’t like this post. He removed the trackback link from the Hot Air page. Can’t say that I blame him, LOL.


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*Update* Several readers have asked permission to use The View Without a Clue banner on their own web sites. By all means, feel free!


  1. Not only is she an idiot, but she’s a thief too — she seems to have stolen her idea from a much better show currently making the rounds.


  2. Is it possible to get your permission to post this wonderful banner on my own blog?

  3. ^God why can’t you guys handle a differing view? What are you so intimidated by? To actually spend time making a website just to childishly smear a political op ed person is pretty sad! And I guess things like “the view” are only OK if it is disproportionately liberal. Boy what a civilized,mature bunch of democracy lovers! Believe it or not this website or your juvenille little posts will not shut her up or change a thing. Conservatives and non foaming at the mouth protest types have previously been hostage to a monopoply from both the entertainment industry and the media-until now. Deal with it crybabies. Conservative pundits, and media are here to stay. Its called democracy and a free market. Pathetic behavior.

  4. Carl,
    If Malkin was a true conservative she would not have been bilking redneck money to her masses. Instead she would have dealt with the real issues about the collapsing dollar. I guess your higher than thou standards cannot deal with good ol humor. Not everyone on the site who hates malkin is a liberal. If you can look it is a humor site of what lunacy malkin produces. Its called humor and cynicism deal with it!