Michelle Malkin is an Idiot
“Ann Coulter’s ugly crack”

By Big Swifty    ·     March 4th, 2007 at 10:59 pm

Updated with video… (scroll down)

I’m Big Swifty and I’ll be throwing a few posts in here and there. Thanks to marymary for graciously allowing me to contribute.

So, off we go.

what an ass.

Here’s to you, CNN banner writer person.

~ I may or may not have more substantive posts in the future… it probably won’t be
all ass jokes.

Update 3/6/2007: thanks to wonkette and everyone else who linked.

Update: Nope, this is not photoshopped. Actual screen grab from CNN’s Reliable Sources from last Sunday. Mary now has the video and will be uploading it as soon as she has a few minutes.

Update II: Video is up at YouTube.


  1. Mann Coulter only has one ugly crack – his butt crack.

  2. Well, Coulter *is* always talking out of her ass.

  3. Are you sure it’s an ass joke? All the ugly from her seems to come out of that crack between her chin and her nose.

  4. There are two likely reasons Coulter did what she did – and both may apply:
    1. She took one for the team – she knew Libby verdict would be coming in, and this would detract from it staying on the forefront of our minds.
    2. She has been rejected by men, and the only excuse she can live with is “they must be gay”. Clearly Coulter’s problem with gay people isn’t anything more than, “how can a guy not want me!”

    Now what I’d really like to know is when the hell is the middle of the country going to wake up?

    Al for Pres. Obama VP. you heard it here.

  5. Ann is SO amazing.

    And SO HOT !!!

    And has more brains than all the liberals put together….

  6. Ann is hot? Pffffffttt!!! There isn’t enough beer in MILWAUKEE to make her look good. That’s one SERIOUSLY yooogly “woman”. I wouldn’t do her with a stolen member. AND she’s an idiot.

    Man. WHOOO. If you’ think she’s hot, you must be one hard-up mofo. Good luck to you.


  7. mexican jokes…

    That was hilarious! I wish I could lip-read though, I wanted to know what was really being saidÂ……