Michelle Malkin is an Idiot
What a difference a day makes

By Mary    ·     April 4th, 2007 at 4:19 pm

This morning on Michelle Malkin’s Hot Air:

Students Pelt Rove in “Protest”; Update: Video added; Update: Witness report; Diggers call students “heroic”
posted at 2:51 am on April 4, 2007 by Bryan

The loving, tolerant left is at it again.

WASHINGTON — White House Advisor Karl Rove was the target of a protest on the American University campus Tuesday night, NBC 4 reported.

Rove was on the campus to talk to the College Republicans, but when he got outside more than a dozen students began throwing things at him and at his car, an American University spokesperson said.


Update: Diggers are on the story, calling the students “heroic” and one commenter hoping they get the chance to murder Karl Rove.

When do we get to drag him out into the street and stone him? Oops, looks like it is already happening. This is the best thing until we can try him for treason. Rove hates america and American values. He would make serf of us all, if given the chance. He is an evil monster, a blot on the landscape, a murdering marauding maniac out to destroy over 200 years of American sacrifice and heroism. He deserves the harshest treatment and punishment that can be meted to traitors and murderers.

Is it possible to get a restraining order against anonymous blowhard commenters?

Update: It’s predictable, yet relevant. HuffPo readers also want Rove killed.

And for the record, yes, I read through the comments about Karl Rove on Huffington Post today and some of them are indeed quite sickening. No worse than the crap that flows freely and prolifically from the unhinged right, but sickening just the same. As much as we all may despise the unhinged rightwingnuts, there’s no good reason to act like them.

And speaking of unhinged rightwingnuts…

Yesterday on Michelle Malkin’s Hot Air:

[…] arrest the journalist responsible and waterboard him until talks or pukes through orifices he didn’t even know he had. We’re at war. Leaking classified intel is treason. Aiding and comforting the enemy is treason. Get the leaker if he exists, then hang him next to the journalist.

[commenter] Misha I on April 3, 2007 at 11:37 PM

Whether there’s a leak or not, that journalist needs the thumbscrews in order to find out. If there isn’t one, then we should hang the journalist for providing aid and comfort to the enemy by willfully, with malice aforethought (lying pretty much guarantees that that’s the case), attempting to undermine our government in a time of war. If there is a leaker, we should hang him next to the journalist for treason as well.

[commenter] Misha I on April 3, 2007 at 11:53 PM

Of course, Michelle Malkin deleted Misha’s comments, banned him from Hot Air, unlinked him from her blogroll and made several hysterical posts exposing and denouncing his unhinged hate speech and death wishes. (No, not really).

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  1. Misha is quite the commenter at Hotair and you are right .. he hasn’t been tossed over the side. He seems to be rather fond of seeing the country collapse so he can shoot some lefties..

    Another guy called Rightwinged seems to be the handle for David Duke — obsessed with race issues.