Michelle Malkin is an Idiot
VIDEO: Michelle Malkin- Worst person in the world

By Mary    ·     September 5th, 2007 at 8:22 pm

Keith Olbermann named Michelle Malkin “Worst person in the world” on his broadcast tonight. His angle was that if even Geraldo Rivera (whom Keith dislikes immensely) wants to spit on Michelle Malkin, she must be really, really bad.

While I certainly understand that level of disgust with Malkin, I personally thought the spitting remark was uncalled for. But before anyone goes feeling too sorry for poor old Michelle, just remember that she seems to genuinely relish her status as permanent victim. Geraldo Rivera’s “spitting” quote has now been given prominent display on the front page of her blog. She and her cronies at HotAir will continue to milk this for all it’s worth. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns up as the subject of a new Vent very soon.


  1. I just saw a link

    where Rick Moran (brother of Terry Moran of ABC) cries at length about how mean people are to poor widdle MM.

    Best quote to make one queasy:
    ““Feminists” in the real sense of the word, neither one bitches or moans about anything life has dealt them – least of all their gender. They simply go out and achieve, making no apologies and asking for no favors.”

  2. voiceofreason,

    Thanks for the link. I used to think Rick Moran was one of the more reasonable wingnut bloggers out there but that post made me want to vomit, especially the bit you quoted.

    On the other hand, ya gotta love this quote from “Mark” in Moran’s comments section:

    Mark Said:
    8:00 pm

    […] Malkin does conservatives no favors with the kind of rhetorical bomb-throwing she regularly engages in. She really jumped the shark when she wrote that disgusting book defending the internment. Sorry, but I have a hard time drumming up any sympathy for her and I actually wish she would stay off my side.

  3. Michelle Malkin is a good reporter who speaks her mind…………….Geraldo Rivera is a buffoon, an ex-boxer who got hit in the head once too often. He should be ashamed of himself and Fox News should be ashamed of themselves for letting him get away with that. So much for Fox News……..I won’t be patronizing that station much anymore.

    When did our society become such a self-absorbed, name calling, cynical, gossipy people who care more about what Britney Spears wears to a concert than about substantial news, such as the War against those who would love to see all of us dead?

    I apologize, Michelle for Geraldo’s remarks. Because of him, I am ashamed of my gender. He is the quintessential chauvanist pig.

  4. Michelle Malkin is the typical neoco nazi KKK piece of trash.

    These redneck neocons gun totting warmongering pieces of scum are turing america into a dictatorship.

    Geraldo was dead on. He shouldn’t even have appologised. Michelle Malkin is a piece of trash.

  5. I’m glad she got fired. I used to write Fox News about her disrespect for guests every chance I got. I’m glad somebody finally listened.