Michelle Malkin is an Idiot
Michelle Malkin upset at FOX News’ silence following Geraldo Rivera’s “spitting” remark

By Mary    ·     September 6th, 2007 at 7:16 am

(If you’re unfamiliar with the Michelle Malkin/Geraldo Rivera”spit” story, go read this and then watch this YouTube video).


Michelle Malkin gets in a few digs at FOX in the comments section of this thread over at hotair.com (you’ll have to scroll and hunt for them as there doesn’t seem to be a way to link directly to the individual comments):

on September 5, 2007 at 10:08 PM CrimsonFisted writes:

Fox needs to say something [about Geraldo’s remarks]. Soon.

at 10:10 PM Michelle Malkin replies:

Gee, that would be nice.

then at 10:16 PM commenter Mcguyver pipes in:


So that means nothing will be said.

To which Michelle Malkin replies at 10:28 PM:

Yeah. If anything is said, it’s a little too damned late. The silence was a signal for Olbermann and his ilk to go ahead and pile on.

I have less anger towards Olbermann than I do with people I expected more of…silly me.

I rarely watch Fox News so maybe I’m missing something, but I’m curious why no one at Fox has commented on this yet. The article with Geraldo Rivera’s remark about wanting to spit on her was published on Sept. 1 (last Friday). Michelle has been hyping the remarks just about every day on her blog since.

Does Geraldo have that much clout at FOX? Does Michelle Malkin not have enough allies over there to warrant at least some kind of defense from someone?

Goodness only knows why, but Bill O’Reilly seems to think pretty highly of Michelle yet he has not, to my knowledge, made any comment on the matter. Like I said, maybe I’m missing something but this seems odd to me.

Of course it’s not like Michelle Malkin is some kind of poor little helpless victim in all of this (though she’ll continue to try to portray herself as such). She’s actually quite capable of taking care of herself. In fact, she generally manages to turn stuff like this to her advantage and use it to further promote herself, her books and her web sites (remember how much mileage she got from that “Caveman Chris Matthews” bit she pulled after making a complete fool of herself on Hardball a few years ago?). If she feels hurt at all by FOX’s present treatment of her, I’m betting the hurt is overshadowed by anger that she hasn’t yet been able to manipulate this into another rightwing media pity party for Michelle Malkin.


  1. It’ll be interesting to see if they talk about this at all on “Fox News Watch”…

  2. Poor Michelle. She can’t even threaten to guest host at another network – burned all those bridges a long time ago.
    I think Geraldo is too much of a draw for Fox. Kind of like a car accident at times that everyone just feels compelled to rubberneck.

  3. Voiceofreason is right. If Michelle were to leave or be booted from Fox, her tv career is essentially over, her Vent internet gig aside.

    It amazes me though how much she thrives from being attacked. She is a mother of two small children. Why would she willingly subject herself to such a lifestyle? Someone like Ann Coulter who is single I can understand, but a parent who has so much at stake courting controversy and hatred.

    It is really sad that she has chosen such a path for herself.

  4. I noticed she is putting the quote produly on her site now. She acts like she is running for some office.

  5. It wouldn’t shock me if she tried to run for a House or Senate seat in Maryland. The Maryland Republican Party often runs minority candidates for statewide office. In the past, both Linda Chavez and Alan Keyes ran for Senate in Maryland, though they both lost badly if memory serves.

    But with the pitiable state that the Maryland state Republican Party is in, Malkin might be perceived by the party as someone who has star power and a legion of adoring fans who will swell the campaign coffers. However, I don’t see Malkin trying to run unless she felt she had a realistic chance of winning. Then again, with her tremendous vanity and overinflated sense of self importance, she might decide to run simply because it will bring her more attention and give her a prominent platform to expound on her views. We shall see.

  6. “She is a mother of two small children.”

    Good God, she has kids? Someone call CPS immediately!

    All kidding aside, meh, just another case of someone eating their own. Other than the fact that I take exception to the “spitting” part because I think that’s highly disgusting, Geraldo is right. Maybe Fox was a wrong turn for him, but at least he’s paid SOME dues.