Michelle Malkin is an Idiot
Malkin incites her mob

By Mary    ·     September 14th, 2007 at 5:23 am

Michelle Malkin tries to whip her readers into a frenzy over a mysterious incident at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial last weekend.

According to NBC’s Washington D.C. affiliate, NBC4.com, “A light, oily substance was spilled along the base” of the wall. The U.S. Park Service is investigating, but not much else is known.

WASHINGTON — A light, oily substance was spilled along the base of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and U.S. Park Police said they are investigating.

Park Police said they were notified of the substance at about 5 p.m. on Friday. It was along the base of several panels.

The National Park Service will clean up the substance, police said. The Park Service said they expect to be able to clean up all of the substance.

Park Police are investigating but said it is unknown if the spill is a criminal act.

“The care and security of this national treasure remain a top priority to both the Memorial Fund and the National Park Service,” said Jan C. Scruggs, the founder and president of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund. “While it is unclear what transpired, we are heartened by the response of the veterans’ community and the general public.”

Anyone with information about the spill should call the Park Police tip line at 202-610-8737.

See Malkin’s post for links to video and photographs of the damage.

If this was indeed an act of vandalism, it was a stupid, hateful thing to do. As Jon Stewart would say, “You’re Not Helping”.

That said, Michelle Malkin is just exploiting the incident in an attempt to swell the ranks of the GoE counter-protest in D.C. this weekend. Her over-dramatic blog post and video presentation make it pretty clear that she wants her readers to blame some liberal, “moveon.org type” boogeymen for the incident, even as U.S. Parks officials insist there’s yet no evidence that the act was even intentional.

Malkin links to several sources, but conveniently omits reported statements from two different Parks officials:

From Human Events:

Bill Line, Communications officer for the National Park Service doesn’t think [the assumption that the incident was vandalism] would be normal.

“No it would not be normal… it would be wrong,” Line said defensively.

It would be — wrong — to call this incident vandalism because we have not concluded the investigation, it is still ongoing. It would be premature and wrong to use the words vandal, or vandalism… It could have been an accident.

From The Washington Times :

The substance “could have been from a variety of different products,” and it is not clear whether it was spread intentionally, said Sgt. Robert LaChance, Park Police spokesman.

“We are investigating to see if there was any criminal act or if it was an accident,” Sgt. LaChance said. “We don’t have any indication that it was intentional, but we are investigating to see if it’s a possibility.

To be clear, I have no idea what happened to the wall, and I’m not speculating one way or the other. It may very well have been vandalism. I don’t know. But neither does Michelle Malkin.

The thing is, for Malkin’s purposes, it doesn’t matter what really happened. She’s not so much interested in the truth as she is in riling up her fans and attracting throngs of angry wingnuts to the GoE counter-protest this weekend. Hell, she even comes right out and admits it:

If this doesn’t motivate you to come out on Saturday and join the Eagles, I don’t know what will.

Not to worry though- if the throngs fail to materialize, Michelle and the GoE gang will probably just make up the attendance estimates like they did in March.

Update: Freepers were in favor of vandalism before they were against it

Update: Here’s Sadly, No’s take


  1. That’s Michelle for you, shoot first and ask questions later.

  2. I guess you all are missing the bigger picture here – war memorials across the nation are being vandalized in cities, towns and villages.

    There were threats by some of this, shall we say fringe groups, that during their protests in the nation’s captial they would attempt to deface The Wall.

    If you had a family member’s name on The Wall, I think you would feel differently.

    Another convenient point that you seem to have missed is that this substance covers some 10 to 15 panels if not more. This was no accident.

    Do you honestly think that an “accident” like this could have happened? The Wall has been around for 25 years … this is the first “accident”.

  3. Obviously it’s an act of vandalism although no one knows if its vandalism yet.

    In other news, obviously 30,000 showed up for Michelle’s march in March although pictures obviously show a few hundred.

  4. She likes to get the devotees riled up by conjuring up images of hippies tearing up memorials and monuments. Good way to get the “macho guys” to go, hoping for a fight.

    Too many times vandalism is done by people that one would least expect. I hope they get to the bottom of it and are able to clean it off.

    One of the more ironic things that Malkin and her ilk fail to acknowledge is that the names on that memorial and all the others gave their lives so that all Americans could live in freedom and even protest against the policies of the government.

    But then that would mean acknowledging that the enemy is not our fellow Americans….

  5. wow, an oily sustance? Sound like some of the republican leadership was there and left behind some of their residue.