Michelle Malkin is an Idiot
Freepers: In favor of vandalism before they were against it

By Mary    ·     September 14th, 2007 at 1:22 pm


Michelle Malkin credits members of Free Republic (AKA “Freepers”) for first reporting the possible vandalism to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial this week.

A reader emails a reminder of what the Freepers had to say about vandalism in August, 2005, when a Texas man was arrested for driving his his pickup truck over a makeshift memorial at Camp Casey, destroying the white wooden crosses bearing names of soldiers killed in the Iraq war.

Seems to be the only person so far with the Balls to do what’s necessary.


W[ay] to go Larry. We should start a collection to help him pay his law fees. Three cheers for a real man.


Now there’s a man who was not only pissed but after doing some planning and some rigging, got the job done. It’s Red Zone initiative to thwart the carpet bagging bluezoners.

Pickumup power………


I think what the guy did was AOK!


Larry is my new hero and I would love to buy this guy a beer and give him $20 towards his legal defense.


Added: To her credit, Michelle Malkin called the vandal a “nutball”.

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