Michelle Malkin is an Idiot
Geraldo apologizes to Michelle Malkin

By Mary    ·     September 14th, 2007 at 7:32 pm

Update: Here’s the video

On O’Reilly Factor tonight, Geraldo Rivera apologized to Michelle Malkin for telling a Boston Globe Reporter he’d “spit on her if he saw her”.

I wasn’t watching, but I got a ton of email tips (thanks everyone) about it. I just set the TiVo to catch the 11pm repeat of The Factor and I’ll try to get some video up later tonight or tomorrow.

Malkin apparently was not on the show and has yet to post anything about it to her blog. Will she accept the apology gracefully, or spit it back in Geraldo’s face, so to speak?

Stay tuned.


  1. I guess all will be forgiven when she removes the quote from her website.

  2. Who cares anyway? Does Geraldo have AIDS? Was that any kind of physical threat? or just the best offer MM has had from a man in a long time…….

  3. You’re one to talk. You’ve probably never had a better offer than your right hand, Oldfart.

  4. Only on Fox can someone who advocates the same policies as the 1920’s eugenics movement and plays air guitar when non-white families are deported be considered the victim

  5. Looks like she removed the quote from her site. But thanks to google it is archived for eternity.

  6. He should have said something to the effect of “I apologize for saying I would spit on Michelle Malkin if I saw her, but I still stand by my opinion that she is a vile, hateful, and despicable person.”