Michelle Malkin is an Idiot
Patriot loon

By Mary    ·     September 18th, 2007 at 1:54 pm

Michelle Malkin is busy painting Andrew Meyer- the student who was tasered by police at UF last night- as a raving lunatic.

Meanwhile, I’d like you to meet James Choate- one of several hundred “patriots” Michelle Malkin was hangin’ with at the Gathering of Eagles event last weekend in D.C.

Marc Fisher of The Washington Post reports:

Saving the Elementary Schools

James Choate came to Washington last night from Birmingham, Ala., joining five friends on a mission to save the lives of American elementary school children.

Choate, who works in an advertising mailhouse back home, flew through scary thunderstorms to attend the Gathering of Eagles, where he and others stood wearing buttons that said “Never Trust Democrats with National Security.”

Choate said he and his friend felt compelled to come to Washington because most Americans refused to believe that “the terrorists have got people planted all over the country from Al Queda who are preparing to go on one day into many elementary schools in our country and kill our children. We have this on good authority, we have sources.”

Choate said he was disappointed to see how few people turned out to the Gathering of Eagles. “Most of the country doesn’t want to believe it, ” he said. “Everybody’s getting a false feeling of security. Every morning, I wake up and just hope another 9-11 hasn’t happened overnight.”


Choate and his friends said the poor turnout was “disturbing,” but said they nonetheless were stirred by the support of those who did attend; […]

Sheesh. Talk about unhinged. As a commenter on Fisher’s blog notes,

50 years ago, [Choate] would have been going on about Communists putting chlorine in the drinking water, or sapping our precious bodily fluids.


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  1. The Eagleites quench her daddy fetish so they don’t count as loons in her dog eared Pinochet book of values