Michelle Malkin is an Idiot
HotAir.com gets its 15 minutes

By Mary    ·     September 20th, 2007 at 10:25 am

Michelle Malkin’s employee Bryan at hotair.com is right proud of himself. One of their “HotAir TV” videos was apparently mentioned on the The Rush Limbaugh show yesterday, and then on Fox & Friends this morning.

The video- made by Young America’s Foundation’s Jason Mattera, shows Mattera confronting Rep. Jack Murtha over remarks he made last year about the 2005 Haditha killings.

Here’s Bryan:

We’ve just obtained video of Rep. Jack Murtha being directly confronted over repeatedly accusing the Haditha Marines of murdering Iraqis “in cold blood.”

On the video, Murtha answers, “The trial’s still going on”, which is true, but apparently not relevant to Bryan Preston and Michelle Malkin and all the other wingnuts who are chest-thumping and high-fiving each other over what they perceive as the “pwning” of Rep. Murtha.

Jack Murtha, by the way, is a former Marine who- unlike the little weasel harassing him on the video- enlisted and served in two wars. Jason Materrra, on the other hand, refuses to serve.

MATTHEWS: Would you like to enlist them? You‘re 21. You‘re eligible to serve. Would you like to serve in this war?

MATTERA: I‘m fighting the battle for ideas. I‘m fighting…


MATTHEWS: No, I‘m just asking a particular question. Would you like to enlist in this war?

MATTERA: No, because I‘m fighting a separate battle. I‘m fighting—we‘re fighting the culture war here, but I‘m also supporting the battle that‘s raging in Iraq.

MATTHEWS: Well, what kind of people should fight in this war, if not you?

MATTERA: Those who want to, those who want—who feel the desire, who have the passion to go over to Iraq. I have many friends who are in Iraq myself, people from my church, people who I graduated with.


MATTERA: They went to go fight over there. I‘m here. I‘m fighting the culture war right now. Both need to be fought and both need to be won by conservatives.

Such incredible courage!

Clif over at at Sadly, No! skewers Mattera and the wingnuts cheering him on.

I love the smell of manufactured outrage in the morning! Murtha, you see, never named Sharratt or Tatum, or anybody else, as responsible for the Haditha deaths. This is all he said:

Our troops overreacted because of the pressure on them, and they killed innocent civilians in cold blood.

Murtha said “our troops.” He didn’t single out Sharratt or Tatum or anyone else. And the Marines themselves seem to think that our troops killed civilians in cold blood because they have taken the charges against Staff Sgt. Frank D. Wuterich to trial based on testimony from another Marine that Wuterich shot civilians in Haditha without cause.

Oblivious to these facts, a whole battalion of of wingnut bloggers have posted the tape of the Battle of Rayburn HOB, and ever since been high-fiving and shouting “Hooyah” to each other over Matterra’s extreme courage under fire. Among the battalion are Allahpundit’s butt boy PFC Bryan as well as Staff Sgt. Jim “Gateway Pundit and Fashion Model” Hoft, Brigadier General Scott “Big Trunk, Small Johnson” Johnson, and, natch, Lance Cpl. Charles “Little Green Dingleberries” Johnson (note: referrals from here are often bravely redirected).



  1. It’s sad, as well as disturbing, that you have people like Mattera who see fellow Americans who disagree with him as enemies in a culture war.

  2. You summed it up nicely. The wingnuts and the leftnuts think that other Americans are the enemy. It is particularly bad on the right as most reasonable people know the far left is not the majority opinion. The right likes to mix it up with some truths and aren’t as easily identifiable for most.
    That is sad about Mattera. Having served for more than a quarter of a century I can honestly say I have served with some of the nation’s finest. Politics is always secondary and the number of Republicans and Democrats is pretty similar to the civilian world.

    This whole idea of “Pwning” someone is typical of what we are seeing in society today. Sound bites, gotchas and no respect for history are the order of the day. There are many politicians that I don’t like or agree with who are vets and Murtha happens to be one of them. But my line of disagreement always starts with their take on an issue – never their service.

    Bryan really seems to think that he is some kind of motivational writer and producer! Only the wild eyed devotees can make it through one of his columns.
    I think if MM gets her own show (heaven forbid) she would drop him and Allahpundit like a bad habit.

  3. Michelle got 2 welfare segments on Fox today. None of these cons will enlist in the military, If you ask Michelle why her husband won’t enlist she’ll say “he takes care of the kids” She thinks her kids deserve better than the Gis kids. They are going back to the cupboard for more Cheetos fueled courage