Michelle Malkin is an Idiot
Another example of compassionate convervatism

By Mary    ·     September 23rd, 2007 at 7:11 am

(Thanks to Jake in comments for the tip.)

Michelle Malkin has long been a cheerleader for uber-rightwing congressman Bobby Jindal.

In 2003, Jindal ran for governor of Louisiana and lost to Democrat Kathleen Blanco. Now Jindal is running for Governor of Louisiana again, and is currently leading in the polls. One of his opponents, Walter Boasso, a Democrat, paid for the above political ad which criticizes Bobby Jindal’s conduct as Louisiana’s Director of Health and Hospitals (1996-1998).

I know that there are two sides to every story and I never take any political ad at face value (see Veterans for Truth, Swiftboat, 2004). From what I’ve read, Jindal claims his “heartlessness” was not heartlessness at all, he was just “cleaning up fraud and corruption” in the state Medicaid system.

But John McNiece, the mentally disabled man who was thrown out of a nursing home and on to the streets under Bobby Jindal’s DHH, apparently was guilty of neither fraud nor corruption. In fact, if the information in the video is correct, “a court ruled Jindal’s actions illegal and rendered a summary judgement against him” (John B. McNiece v. Bobby Jindal 4/15/98).

When asked about McNiece last week by the Baton Rouge Advocate, this was Jindal’s response:

“It sounds to me like this was a sad case,” Jindal said. “There are a lot of sad cases.”

What a swell guy. Nice to know Michelle Malkin’s friends are every bit as caring and compassionate as she is.


  1. Norquistian drowning government in a bathtube take number 154256315

  2. I remember a few years ago a NY Times reporter referred to Jindal’s career achievements as “freakishly impressive”, a term clearly meant to be complimentary, and Malkin had a hissy fit because she believed that “freakishly” was derogatory.

  3. I’ve seen that ad several times. I’d guess that when he was cleaning up corruption there were some cases such as hers. But the implication of the ad is pretty slanted – almost like he came to the hospital and kicked the poor guy out.

    Louisiana is a tough place in terms of “good choices” in elections.
    I’ve like what I’ve seen of Jindal so far but much of that has to do with the hope that a person of color getting elected governor in this state could possibly help usher it into the 20th century!

  4. I was there Voice of Reason, I personally saw Bobby Jindal drag that poor man by his ankles out the front door and leave him by the curbside. It just broke my heart to see something so awful!