Michelle Malkin is an Idiot
Malkin on Geraldo: “I’ve moved on dot org”

By Mary    ·     September 25th, 2007 at 11:33 pm


Michelle Malkin was on Laura Ingraham’s radio show today and they briefly spoke about Geraldo Rivera’s spitting remark.

Here’s a partial transcript (via Inside Cable News):

He gave a supposed apology on air, and you know what? I have moved on dot org.

HotAir.com has the audio.

Several readers have emailed to note that Michelle has not been on for her usual spot on The O’Reilly Factor the past two weeks.

She took the big “notable quotable” doohickey off of her blog shortly after Geraldo apologized, but she hasn’t blogged a word about the apology or her absence from The Factor. I think she’s just pouting because O’Reilly didn’t allow her to play the victim card on his show.


On a personal note, I have a very busy week so blogging may be even more sporadic than usual.


  1. Poor Michelle. Life is tough for a George Lincoln Rockwell-esque white nationalist

  2. Well, Michelle has not movedon.org. Michelle’s written two lengthy posts about Geraldo since the above post was written. No, Michelle’s not bitter, not at all.

  3. She has posted another giving her “reason” for not appearing on oreilly anymore. Poor wittle chelle!