Michelle Malkin is an Idiot
Michelle says she has quit The O’Reilly Factor

By Mary    ·     October 15th, 2007 at 9:06 pm

I’m a little late to the game here (I have a house full of company this week and haven’t had much time to keep up) but Michelle Malkin says she has quit the O’Reilly Factor.

Via Inside Cable News:

From: “Michelle Malkin”
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2007 23:04:58 -0400
Subject: Re: Michelle no longer on the Factor?
I made the decision to quit appearing on the O’Reilly show in response to the poor handling of the Geraldo Rivera matter (the staged “apology” on The Factor was a complete farce). I won’t go into details, but please know that your support means a lot to me. You can catch me on other Fox News shows and read my daily blog posts and weekly columns at MichelleMalkin.com.


A reader emails wondering if there is more to the story:

Why did she “quit” now? The Geraldo spitting thing was a month and a half ago. I think this has something to do with Graham Frost.

I’ve been following the Malkin-Geraldo saga for several weeks and I don’t think her leaving the show is related to the stalking and smearing of Graeme Frost and his family.

I’m pretty sure that she “quit” (or was fired) last month and it’s only now becoming public. She hasn’t appeared on The Factor since Sept. 10th. Geraldo made his on-air apology on Sept. 14. She removed the “notable quotable” from her web site the next day but as far as I know, she didn’t comment on Geraldo again until she was on Laura Ingraham’s show on Sept. 25. Here’s what she said:

He gave a supposed apology on air, and you know what? I have moved on dot org.

So, whether she quit or got fired, I can’t say, but whatever happened, I think probably happened shortly after Geraldo apologized. That’s when she clammed up about the issue after throwing a temper tantrum about it on her blog for two weeks .

Whatever happened- whether she quit or was fired- it doesn’t appear that Geraldo’s spitting remark was as good for her career as she obviously thought it was going to be (she keeps thinking that her own victimhood will be her ticket to stardom). She gets barely any air time on FNC at all now from what I hear.


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  1. I think Bill and others are mad she tried to go over their heads by complaining to “top Fox people”

  2. I read a couple of Geraldo’s biographies. He is a heavyweight with some journalistic accomplishments going back to the late sixties.
    I think his apology was the public part but behind the scenes he made a lot of noise with fox management about who was a better draw.
    A second possible reason was that in the third quarter of 07 the Oreilly factor viewership dropped 200,000 viewers a night compared to the second quarter. Michelle was on quite a few shows as guest and host during the third quarter.

  3. If Michelle’s career keeps going on a downward trajectory like this, you might end up having to discontinue this blog!


  4. She must be angry! She has links to every Geraldo thread she had up since September. She is having a hard time “moving on dot org”. I think the ratings for the third quarter were the reason and she has a very hard time accepting rejection. Except for her acolytes most other people recognized that she was pretty lousy as a tv pundit.
    Looks to be an even better week than usual. Got a call about a job I’ve been interested in and now the news that Michelle won’t be haunting the airwaves in the evening. Icing.. Yowsa!

  5. A co-worker of mine likes the O’Reilly Factor. I mentioned that I couldn’t watch the show when Malkin subs (not that I watch it anymore even when Bill is on) and he agreed with me. He said both he and his wife couldn’t watch the show when she was on.

    If she won’t be getting a check from Fox anymore, it will be interesting to see if this puts a dent into her Hot Air gig. I recall several months ago Tbogg did a post where she was quoted as saying she was barely break even or even at a slight loss. I will have to look up the post he did.

  6. I used to watch the O’Reilly Factor regularly but hadn’t for a while. So the other Monday, I tuned in, ready to see Powers and Malkin go at it and to my surprise Malkin wasn’t there. And the next week she wasn’t either. Sensing something was wrong I finally googled her and here I am. I am so glad she’s gone from the ORF. I’m generally conservative (but liberal on some social issues like gay marriage) and Michelle Malkin (along with Ann Coulter) has got to be one of the most annoying conservative commentators out there. She really needs to keep her trap shut because she sounds like a friggin idiot with some of the things she says. I mean, has she no shame? I really think she’s mentally unstable and could snap anytime. I’ve never seen so much anger and hatred in someone. And this is coming from a fellow conservative. So all in all, thank God she’s gone. And hope she fades into the limelight, along with Ann Coulter.

  7. I think the hotair gig will fold in short order after the election next november, regardless of outcome.

  8. Whether her departure was just a couple of days ago or last month, you could never get me to believe that it was voluntary on her part. Relief-pitching for Bill-O on the flagship show of the network is a choice gig, and I would surmise that one, she was getting a nice share of web traffic for her blog sites from her appearances, and two, I believe that she was groomed to become an heir apparent to Bill-O when he eventually retires. Also, my guess is that she figured that if her face kept showing itself on Faux, then she would become more accepted by the “mainstream” (which I think she craves, as proven by her campaigning for the recently vacant seat on The View).

    I think what happened here, is that the management at Faux News was hearing it from advertisers, especially those who purchased time on The Factor, who were becoming increasingly uneasy about her antics and statements in general. I also take the opposite view to Mary on the circumstances – I think that the Graeme Frost case was indeed the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back. The Geraldo incident happened over one month ago, and I don’t think would have been enough to cause Jesse’s Girl to quit a choice gig.

  9. I wish I had the know-how to put a video on Youtube with clips of Michelle Malkin set to the Nine Inch Nails song “Head Like A Hole”.

    The lyrics vaguely apply to her:

    god money, i’ll do anything for you.
    god money, just tell me what you want me to.
    god money, nail me up against the wall.
    the god of money don’t want everything he wants it all.

    no you can’t take it
    no you can’t take it
    no you can’t take that away from me
    no you can’t take it
    no you can’t take it
    no you can’t take that away from me
    head like a hole.
    black as your soul.
    i’d rather die than give you control.
    head like a hole.
    black as your soul.
    i’d rather die than give you control.

    bow down before the one you serve.
    you’re going to get what you deserve.
    bow down before the one you serve.
    you’re going to get what you deserve.

    god money’s not looking for the cure.
    god money’s not concerned about the sick amongst the pure.
    god money let’s go dancing on the backs of the bruised.
    the god of money’s not one to choose

    The added bonus, the name of the Nine Inch Nails album the song comes from is called Pretty Hate Machine. It’s almost as if these guys anticipated Michelle!

  10. I think another possible factor is that O’Reily’s staff took a look at the HA site and saw how she was allowing her posters to make fun of him as well as naming the threads “Malkin Factor”. She was so unprepared for the big leagues one almost has to feel a little sorry for her – almost.

  11. I saw another fellow conservative above comment that Michelle Malkin makes them want to flip off the O’Reilly factor. I agree. As a matter of fact, when I see a person like Michelle Malkin on the airwaves, it makes me question myself as a conservative. I don’t know if I am anymore. It sickens me that she feels she speaks for my party.

    Michelle Malkin is pretty much the PETA or Michael Moore of the right. She ~thinks~ she is helping, but her antics and lunatic rantings only push away middle of the ground voters and alienate those people loosely affiliated with her ideological view points.

    Personally, if I was a Liberal, I’d want to see Michelle on the air more, not less. Silencing her and pushing her away means that her “message” won’t be heard by such a wide audience. When someone is damaging themselves or their cause, and you don’t agree with them, the best thing to do is to let them speak freely. In life, when I see someone self destructing verbally, I often say “really… what else do you think?” Just let them sit back and bury themselves deeper.

    I’m just glad that there are conservatives out there that understand what a leach she has been to a party that on principle (the actual principle) is very sound.

  12. BM3G, as a sort of liberal (every few years I seem to reassess my views based on my perspective at the time) I don’t want to see Michelle Malkin on the air in print because she poisons the discourse.

    Some of her partisans will claim that her detractors just can’t stand the thought of a prominent minority advocating the right wing point of view. But it is not that at all. It’s not necessarily the positions that Michelle takes, it is how she promotes them.

    We absolutely need to debate and argue over issues like illegal immigration, racial profiling and other contentious topics. The problem with people like Michelle is that they are not interested in debating these issues. Rather they want to stoke anger and hatred in their base.

    Thus, any proposal that offers illegal immigrants a path towards legalization is not debated on its merits, it is instead portrayed as selling out the country and turning our neighborhoods over to thieving, drug dealing, and raping Latinos.

    Any positive public expression of Islam becomes, in the eyes of Michelle Malkin, an example of dhimmitude or “sharia creep”. While I as an atheist don’t believe in the divine origins of either Christianity or Islam, I respect the fact that these religions are important to many people. Michelle, on the other hand, has an absolute visceral loathing towards all Muslims, except of course for certain Muslim individuals who serve as useful props for the Bush Administration.

    What people like Michelle Malkin do is to poison the discourse. That is why I would rather not see people like her get any attention in the media, regardless of whether I happen to agree or disagree with her.

    I don’t hate her either. I feel very sorry for her in a way. She has a pathological need for attention and has embraced a life that essentially consists of stirring up controversy and getting her mostly male fans to follow her lead and harass those with whom she disagrees. I suspect that Michelle does not have any real friends, just ideological cohorts.

    Those of us who live in the normal world go to our jobs, raise our families, do our errands, and try to enjoy life to the extent that we can. What I see in Michelle Malkin is someone who goes about her day thinking “What can I do to take this person down?” It is sad that she is raising two children in an environment like that.

  13. I see your point Tommykey, but I think Malkin does the other side a gigantic favor whenever she’s on the air. She is a far right loon. But independents and moderates (which demos need to win nationally) see her spewing her bile on the air and alot of them will lthink she is representative of all conservatives. That can only be good for democrats. I think dems should rejoice every time she’s on the air and then do their best to try to paint the Repubs as “the party of Michelle Malkin”.

  14. Who is the Emerson ? person on Geraldo last sat or sun Oct 20or 21. What is his web site . he is very eloquent.
    thanks jim w

  15. Agreed, Jake.

    The more she speaks, the more she writes, the more she appears on the tube, the more people will see her as the shill she is, and the more people will treat it as the unintentionally hilarious stand-up routine that it is – especially considering her propensity to cut off her nose to spite her face.

    She won’t need to worry about anybody “marginalizing” her. She’s doing a pretty good job of it herself.

  16. This was a comment I saw at

    Who knows if it is true but if it is it explains a lot. She is on HA right now in an MKH thread encouraging people to trash O’Reilly.
    Never subtle is she?

    I’ve got a friend at FoxNews. Malkin was forced to resign because, in the words of my friend, she’s “batshit crazy.” She was skating on thin ice there anyway, and she knew it.

    The over-the-top attack on the Frost family was the last straw for Fox management. Believe it or not, there are actually some people capable of sustained abstract thought in the upper-echelons there. As her shtick got crazier and crazier over the past 9 months or so management grew less and less comfortable with her. Even O’Reilly wanted her out.

    She cried during the meeting where her “resignation” was accepted. Apparently she was largely successful keeping the weeping under wraps but at some point she broke into long, mournful sobs as she was being led out of the building by security. Very awkward.