Michelle Malkin is an Idiot
Most Influential Filipina Women Awards. And the winner is…

By Mary    ·     November 1st, 2007 at 1:17 am

Michelle Malkin- Loser
We are all more influential than Michelle Malkin!

Michelle Malkin was recently nominated for an award as one of the Most Influential Filipina Women in the U.S. . The awards ceremony was held in Washington D.C. last week, and by at least one account was an embarrassingly disorganized mess. Still, Malkin lost out in the journalism category to author/teacher M. Evelina Galang.

Now, I’m just a clueless white girl, but it’s almost as if the Filipino community doesn’t embrace Michelle Malkin.

Go figure.

UPDATE: A proud Filipino-American-conservative emails:

“We are mortified by being in the same category with Michelle Malkin. Please do not judge all Filipino-Americans by the despicable behavior of this one racist conservative icon. “


  1. Maybe Michelle can win the White Order of Thule award to make up for last week’s heartbreak

  2. It wouldn’t be a Filipino event if it wasn’t chaotic and disorganized! 🙂

    I would be shocked if Michelle even attended the event. I don’t get the sense that the Filipino-American community is something she embraces. Living in the United States is all she has ever known.

  3. From the various sites and blogs I have been to, particularly Asian-American oriented she is not very welcome.
    But she is little more than a mediocre columnist who has successfully identified a market segment willing to lap up her hateful diatribes. I give her about another ten years and she will be a has been. 47 year old women (or men in speedos) in cheerleader outfits bouncing on a trampoline don’t attract the young guys!

  4. Voiceofreason:

    I’ve heard much the same thing re: the antipathy towards Talkin’ Malkin from her fellow Filipinos. And to me, 10 years is even a bit generous – I would venture a guess that, knowing what we know about her venom and tactics, that she will have her royal KIMUT sued off by going after the wrong person within the next five years, if not sooner.

    I haven’t heard anything lately about the Frosts, and if they intend to litigate for character defamation. They should, and the sky should be the limit for damages.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer “journalist”, eh?

  5. Tommykey: As a Filipino, I certainly agree with the first part! =)

  6. Tommykey and DionF: That’s the beauty of a Filipino event…it still goes on despite the chaos : ) I don’t think Malkin even recognizes the fact that she is genetically Filipino. I’m Filipino and I’m not proud to say that Malkin came from my race…but then again there is such a thing as genetic mutation.

  7. I woudln’t be surprised if her parents were the kind of Filipinos who taught her nothing of her heritage or language to be more “American”. I’m surprised she hasn’t lightened her hair, or turned it blonde and gotten light contact lenses.