Michelle Malkin is an Idiot
Michelle Malkin on “manufacturing” the news

By Mary    ·     November 5th, 2007 at 8:03 pm

Michelle Malkin’s lead story tonight is titled Manufacturing the news: ABC News hires actors to engage in homosexual PDA, provoke reaction.

I don’t get why I’m supposed to be outraged over this:

When you don’t feel like covering the news, you manfacture it. Remember the story I broke last spring about NBC News engineering a sting at NASCAR to try and expose fans as anti-Muslim bigots? Well, it looks like the dinosaur networks haven’t learned from the embarrassing backlash to that pathetic episode. Or Rathergate. Or Shattered Glass. Or Janet Cooke. Or Scott Thomas Beauchamp. Etc. etc. etc.

Now, according to the local Fox affiliate in Birmingham, Alabama, it looks like ABC News is engaging in media stage management and Theater of Journalism to expose anti-homosexual bigotry in the South:

ABC is doing a social experiment in Birmingham that includes having same-sex couples show affection for each other in public, according to Birmingham police department sources.

FOX6 first learned about this story from a Southside merchant who pointed out an RV parked at the corner of 20th Street and 11th Avenue South. The merchant said ABC was working on a week-long project to see how people would react to things like public displays of affection by gay and lesbian couples. A FOX6 news reporter approached the RV and talked with an “actor” who said, “Yes, we are working for ABC News.”

The “experiment” is apparently for ABC’s Primetime Live program, which is running a series of undercover stings titled “What Would You Do?”

Welcome to Serious Broadcast Journalism: If you can’t find the video you need to fit the P.C. left narrative, hire actors to make it happen.

Dinosaur network news motto: All the news that’s fit to stage.

Sorry, but I wouldn’t call that “staged” news. It’s called investigative journalism, which often requires some level of deceit. Now, if ABC had hired actors to fake their reactions to the gay couples, then she could call it staged news. Or if ABC, say… got a group of gays together for a “spontaneous” “back and forth” video conference and was then busted on video coaching and rehearsing them ahead of time, she could call that staged news.

Oh, wait

Malkin not convinced that Bush’s video conference with troops was “staged”

In her October 19 syndicated column, Michelle Malkin took to task “[t]he Associated Press, NBC News correspondent Andrea Mitchell and others in the Bush-bashing press corps” for “accus[ing] the White House and 10 soldiers from the Army’s 42nd Infantry Division of ‘staging’ ” an October 13 video conference in which President Bush spoke with soldiers stationed in Iraq. Malkin also criticized NBC News for “indulging in its Bush-deranged feeding frenzy over the ‘staged’ talk with the troops.” But the very same NBC Nightly News report specifically referenced by Malkin included extended video of preparations for the event making it abundantly clear that it was, in fact, “staged.”

Now she’s trying to whip her readers into a frenzy over a legitimate investigative journalism piece which might expose some anti-gay bigots as anti-gay bigots. She’s even likening the piece to Rathergate, for Pete’s sake.

What is she so afraid of?


  1. look how many times “gay agenda” is mentioned on World Net Daily


    Michelle knows her base hates anything that isn’t straight and white. The bigot doth protest too much

  2. I got a chuckle out of another recent MM column regarding ‘The New York Times’ in which she wrote: “My blood pressure increases a few points every time I read it.” Oddly enough, I experience the very same phenomenon whenever I read her columns…

  3. I guess if you really wanted to manufacture some news, you could just get together with a few of your unhinged friends and accuse a family, recovering from a medical catastrophe, of being nothing more than parasites on society.

    You could … like … just make up shit about how much money the parents make, how nicely outfitted is their home, how they are so wealthy that it’s a goddamned crime their crying ass kid was used a prop by the lefties … but, a news story is a news story.

    Yup, if you really wanted to manufacture the news you could do all of those things.

  4. Blah blah woof woof blah blah….when is she producing another fetish video?

  5. I find Michelle’s latest outrage more fake and hilarious than many of her recent meltdowns. They’ve done this segment on Primetime Live with other fake participants to gauge public reaction before and Michelle never wet her bed over it.

  6. She is a piece of work. She is posting at hotair while AP is gone in an attempt to help Bryan (who curiously always seems to be in charge when the alexa ratings tank!). Anyhoo she has a thread about Duane Chapman and writes this jewel
    “I really have nothing to say about this, other than that I really can’t stand when people “apologize” for vulgar language and crude behavior by arguing that they’re “not like that” and that it’s not how they really are and–heavens, no!–they really don’t do or say exactly the kinds of things they’re sitting there apologizing for. Bleccch:”

    So I guess the translation is “My “image” is not really like that but when caught doing it don’t expect an apology”

  7. Wrong. What NBC was reported to have done is what I call taking a wind machine to the ocean to make waves. There are no slow news days anymore, so why couldn’t something more newsworthy/less controversial be approved to spend valuable news dollars on. Journalistic organizations do have an obligation to the public to be responsible. I expect at the least that responsibility means not [your favorite group of people]-baiting. Homosexuality is always–without exception–used in the news as a slap-in-the-face tactic to stir the waters and see whose inner peace can be roiled. Most Americans (and people the world over) are against the gay ‘lifestyle’ touching their own lives (it’s obvious from observation; show me I haven’t spoken truthfully), and therefore the whole phenomenon does serve the mainstrem media’s purposes very well, as ths post will serve someone’s.

  8. JAWhite,
    Show me your comprehensive poll that reaches people the world over and then I’ll give credence to your assertions on the world’s opinion on ‘the gay “lifestyle”‘.
    Besides–we all know Michelle Malkin thinks it’s her vs. ‘the mainstream media’, but she’s in the very same ‘pathetic’ boat that they’re in when it comes to, as she calls it, ‘manufacturing the news’. How about Hot Air’s “Citizen Journalist Report”? How about, as HumboldtBlue mentioned, the incredible speculation-becomes-news that was the coverage of that little boy? She loves to talk about her enemies as pots calling kettles black, but she needs to think twice about situations like this.