Michelle Malkin is an Idiot
Malkin against free speech for veterans; calls them ‘unhinged’

By Mary    ·     November 12th, 2007 at 8:22 pm

Michelle Malkin is on a roll, doing her best to whip up hatred toward anyone who disagrees with her on the war. Even U.S. veterans:

Completing an unhinged trifecta, here’s a story out of Boston on a disruption today at the annual Veterans Day parade by anti-war protesters:

More than a dozen members of an antiwar veterans group were arrested yesterday as they protested the exclusion of their message from Boston’s Veterans Day parade.

Members of Veterans for Peace lined up in front of a podium at City Hall Plaza holding antiwar placards, as color guards from Massachusetts military units and JROTC bands from across the state filed into Government Center for a ceremony, sponsored by the American Legion, to honor veterans after the parade. Some protesters wore gags, which they later said symbolized the fact that, while they were permitted to march in the parade, they were prevented from carrying signs opposing the war in Iraq.

“We were exercising our First Amendment rights,” said Winston Warfield of Dorchester, a member of the group. “The First Amendment protects free speech, even when you don’t agree with what’s being said.

Here’s the part she omitted:

When Boston police asked the demonstrators to move from the front of the podium so that the Veterans Day services could continue, they refused. As the Boston Firemen’s Band played The Marine Hymn, several protesters were placed in plastic handcuffs and led away.

“Our free speech and civil rights are being abridged here,” said Nate Goldschlag, a Vietnam-era veteran who was among those standing in front of the podium. “We are veterans, too, and we should be allowed to express our opposition to this war.”

Not if Michelle Malkin has her way [Emphasis mine]:

Don’t these people have enough of their own damned parades
without having to ruin everyone else’s?

Malkin’s commenters respond by calling the anti-war veterans “ingrates”, “maggots” and “numbskulls”.

Yes, question their patriotism.


  1. Thanks for posting this Mary. Of all the rotten things she does this is the worst in my opinion. I recently sent an email to the Young American Foundation asking why none of the bios on the home page reflected military service as well as asked for an explanation of Mattera’s conduct with Murtha in a recent “interview” in the capitol hallway.
    For those interested Flagg Youngblood’s replies are below. These are the friends of Malkin and her ilk. He really believes this stuff.

    “Recognizing the need to promote military service doesn’t require that one has served directly, just that one recognize that our entire way of life depends upon those who guard the front line of freedom. And, just as Vietnam revealed, standing up for our protectors on the home front is equally, if not more important, when so much of the overall campaign gets waged psychologically in the media. Simply put, our colleagues in arms overseas need vocal and substantive support from the home front to succeed….

    As for Jason’s alleged comments, it’s fascinating to see what the rumor mill has produced since he appeared on Harball two years ago. When asked why he wasn’t serving, Jason said he is engaged in the culture war, working to ensure those who are in harms’ way are getting the support they need at home. Admittedly, such work is less dangerous, but it is, by no means, less important.”

  2. Michelle and Jesse can’t be bothered to put their John Hancock on an enlistment form so they attack people who did. John Dean talks about authoritarians and the Bush administration here

  3. Jr –

    Agreed, and Mr. Dean’s tome “Conservatives Without Conscience” seems to be a blueprint for what the Malkins and their followers/leaders are doing.

    The real danger here, in my view, is that Stalkin’ Malkin, her partner-in-crime Jesse, and her followers are what Mr. Dean refers to as the “true believers”. They actually believe that they are “doing the Lord’s work” when they write/smear/slant .

    Voice of Reason – I also agree with your statement save for one point – I think that the smearing of Graeme Frost and his family is the all-time-low (of many, many lows) for Stalkin’ Malkin and her merry band of believers. Even if you don’t believe in S-CHIP, what she did was beyond the pale…

    The only reason why any attention is given to this waste of a journalism degree is the fact that she still has a platform, press passes, and a devoted band of followers. It would be sooooooooo great if she could just be ignored and relegated to the furthest corner of the blogosphere (or galaxy, for that matter). But as long as she can make the noise she can, she needs to be challenged.

  4. Zenman,
    We will agree to disagree on this one point and that’s fine. As a vet it is an emotionally charged reason. I was referring to her pattern of disrespecting the vets not in line with her views.
    The thing that made me really turn on her was when i found that she had called the awarding of the medal of honor to 20 Asian-Americans from WW2 “naked politicization” and her reason for writing the “Defense of Internment” book. She was angry because the person who presided at the ceremony was Bill Clinton.

  5. Voiceofreason –

    It’s a minor point of disagreement – no harm no foul. And BTW, I admit to being unaware of the background behind her writing “Defense of Internment”, thank you for enlightening me.

    And thank you for your service to the country.

  6. *sigh* Why do protesters think that they have the right to squelch other’s free speech rights? I mean, come on. What’s wrong with standing in front of the podium? Are you serious? I little hypocritical, I’d say. Does it suck that this group of anti-war veterans didn’t get to carry their signs of protest? Of course. It was wrong even…though I say it was for the best. Because unless the message on the signs was just right, an anti-war protest during a Veterans Day Parade is just in bad taste. But impeeding on the person at the podium’s right to free speech because their free speech rights were trampled on is…well…hypocrital in the worst way. And just to show that I’m a fair guy, on a previous topic, I completely agree that if it isn’t right to have kids at an anti-war demonstration, then it shouldn’t be right to have kids at the Terri Shaivo demostration. And I happen to believe that while “Kids Are Americans Too”, they have no place at any protest demonstrations. They can learn of their rights to disagree with a cause in other ways. I assure you that most kids aren’t mature enough to understand the pros and cons of neither war nor the Terri Shaivo case.

  7. Gabriel,

    You should have checked the thread about the Gathering of Eagles conduct at an anti-war demonstration before weighing in on this.