Michelle Malkin is an Idiot
Protesters using children as human shields

By Mary    ·     November 12th, 2007 at 11:33 pm

Michelle Malkin is outraged, that some protesters in Washington state brought children to an anti-war demonstration Sunday. She even has pictures with circles and arrows so you’ll be sure to spot the children in question. And her commenters are howling that CPS should get involved and take these kids away from their parents.

I’ve never been to a protest but I wouldn’t think it a good idea to bring children along. Not to anti-war protest, or any other kind of protest where children might be harmed.

Michelle Malkin however, apparently had no problem with bringing children to the Terri Schiavo protest a couple of years ago. She praised the “amazing” “pro-life activists and evangelical disabled advocates who have been peacefully keeping vigil outside Terri Schiavo’s hospice”, and featured pictures of them on her blog:



She even scolded the media for “disapprovingly” pointing out that some demonstrators had brought their children:

Instead, we get pieces like this Associated Press report–which treats pro-life activists as freaks and editorializes disapprovingly that demonstrators have brought children “some too young to truly understand why they are there.”

Think the Terri Schiavo protest wasn’t a dangerous place for kids? Think again:

Police snipers were spotted on the roof of the hospice by several protesters who arrived early on Saturday, and police dogs could be heard barking from behind the police lines. Capt. Michael Haworth, a spokesman for the Pinellas Park Police, said he could not say whether there were snipers posted but added that police officers had received threats.

Some parents at the Schiavo protest even managed to get their children arrested as they encouraged them to try to cross the police line:

But for some protesters, prayer alone was not enough. Several feet away police were arresting Chris Keys of Burnet, Texas, and three of his children for trying to break through the police cordon at the entrance to the hospice. The family carried symbolic cups of water in their hands to slake Schiavo’s thirst. When the officers moved to handcuff Keys’ children, his 14-year-old daughter, Josie, and her brothers, Cameron, 12, and Gabriel, 10, went down on their knees.


I wonder if Michelle Malkin’s commenters will scream for CPS to have these kids taken away from their parents?


  1. Ironic that her commenters are calling for CPS to intervene, considering the disdain they have for governmental interference in family matters.
    I agree that I wouldn’t take my kids to a protest for mostly safety reasons, regardless the cause.

  2. Michelle has brought her kids to CPAC but no progressive is ever allowed to bring their kids to any assembly

  3. seriously, i’m starting to wonder, is michelle even relevant anymore. i mean, has she been a speaker at any major functions? i haven’t seen her since she was kicked off fox news. just food for thought

  4. Protest or peace vigil or both? Children are looking and listening to what is happening and why they will be asked to do and to pay for (and what their children will pay for). While I would not bring small children to a protest that could get violent, to a peace vigil, or peaceful protest, if they want to go, they can.

    I would not, however, encourage them to be arrested. … post this over at DailyKos … this is good information for those confronting this nonsense, and I don’t think anyone has the pics of the links of the Schiavo kid protests

  5. Who else always says “human shields”? Hmmmm…google “human shields”.