Michelle Malkin is an Idiot
“Artistic justice”

By Mary    ·     November 25th, 2007 at 12:29 am


Michelle Malkin is depicted in an internment camp in a painting by Seattle artist Roger Shimomura. The painting is one of 30 acrylics in Shimomura’s newest exhibit on the Japanese internment.

Northwest Asian Weekly:

Take the painting, “Keep on Talkin’.” It’s an unflattering portrait of American activist Michelle Malkin, author of the infamous book, “In Defense of Internment.” Malkin’s book and her radio interviews earned her a dubious place in Shimomura’s collection. He depicts a wide-mouthed Malkin shouting in protest from a Minidoka Camp barrack. It may not be actual poetic justice, but perhaps it’s “artistic justice”?

Ouch. I’m sure Michelle Malkin would say this is the product of some kind of “derangement syndrome” but I don’t see where she has much room to complain. She’s the one who wrote that embarrassing book.

You can see a high-res version of the painting (along with the others in the series) here. And if you’re in the Seattle area, you can check out the Shimomura exhibit at the Greg Kucera Gallery through December 22.



  2. Tremendous

  3. LOL. Very good.

  4. yes!!
    it really is an accurate portrayal, though. it looks like a screenshot from any of her youtube appearances (especially from FNC appearances)…head tilted up self-righteously, teeth bared defensively. I’m not sure why she appears to be disrobing, though. make it stop.
    I’ll have to go see this exhibit. there’s a lot of good art on right now here in Seattle.

  5. Heeheeheeheeheehee…

    …absolutely captures the essence of Talkin’ Michelle Malkin. Impotent rage, now sealed within the barracks of a concentration camp which is ultimately of her own construction.

    Talkin’ Loud, and Sayin’ Nothin’.

    Lips Movin, and nothin’s comin’ out.

    The artist hit a home run with this one. Right on, Roger!

  6. Has she said anything about this yet?

  7. That’s funny…..I don’t care who you are-ennit?

  8. I think the image of Malkin for the painting is from her appearance on Chris Matthews Hardball, the infamous segment where Matthews kept shouting at her “Are you saying John Kerry shot himself on purpose?”

  9. Michelle Malink should be ashamed of herself! As a daughter of Filipino American immigrants she had the audacity to author a book arguing that the internment of Japanese Americans was justified by national security. WOW!
    She’s nothing but a “Political Prostitute” with a weakness for namecalling!
    Freedom and opportunity is the cornerstone of American society, and immigrants continue to embody that freedom!
    Throughout our history, immigrants have come to America, established themselves and been joined by other members of their families. That process has brought us energetic individuals and strong families who have enriched our economy and way of life.

  10. you folks a morons.
    Michelle Malkin rules!!!

  11. Mr. Devine:

    First, learn to spell. “you folks a morons”. Please!!!!!!!

    Second, notice that your post was actually allowed to be posted here? Let’s see if the Malkins (and other like websites) allow dissenting opinions on their comment pages. Oh yeah, that’s right – they don’t.

    Says quite a bit about the relevant security we have in our opinions versus those held by the majority of the right wing these days, don’t you think?

  12. I agree with Mr. Devine. You people are morons. No more needs to be said because there are none so blind as those who refuse to see the truth. They may be really good at spelling one syllable words, Mr. Devine, but they probably don’t know the definitions.

  13. What Annie because you think calling us morons makes you the big girl in this turf? Listen sister if you think malkin is some sort of prophet who is telling the truth from god? Think again, anyone who deludes herself of asianhood and talks as if she is part of the KKK should be placed into the yaya house…

  14. this is hilarious. keep the loony, ambiguous condemnations coming, A&A!

  15. Annie G and Mr. Devine:

    James Brown said it best:

    “Like a dull knife just ain’t cuttin’
    You’re just talkin’ loud
    And sayin’ nothin’.”

    Just like Talkin’ Michelle Malkin.

  16. I didn’t know if I agreed with everything Michelle Malkin says so tried to read everything I could about her. After reading this blog and especially the comments I have decided I do agree with everything she says. Thanks for helping me make that decision. And I have a question. What exactly is ambiguous about calling someone a moron? Seems quite clear cut to me and in this case an accurate observation. And I don’t look at Michelle Malkin as a Prophet. I think you have the wrong religion in mind. That would be Islam you morons.

  17. Lily you are a liar and a hypocrite. These people and the commentors are not part of islam… you are just mad because your favorite prophet is being depicted as a liar and a hypocrite, so go back to watching beast news you pharisee…

  18. You still have the wrong religion….not a jew either. Sorry I don’t have any prophets at all. And now I have discovered you can’t read either. My reference to Islam does not refer to the writer or commenters of this blog….but to a religion that does worship a prophet. Sentence structure 101……oh never mind. This is a waste of good time……back to the world of reality.

  19. well, Miss Lilly, it’s pretty ambiguous to allude to some mysterious “truth” that us “blind” people don’t seem to understand. though you’re right, I guess it’s not ambiguous that you are all immature name-slingers and uneducated about, say, Islam, which isn’t even relevant to the debate–oh, sorry, I mean one-sided tirade by you, A, and the other A. if you all had anything meaningful to talk about, we’d gladly exchange with you, but you have nothing to say except “I LUV MICHELLE MALKIN”.
    I can’t believe that anyone could agree with *everything* someone says…that seems a little dubious, especially if we’re talking about Michelle Malkin. you’re talking like a teenager that gets a meaningless tattoo just because their parents said that tattoos were bad.
    by the way, no one here–or on ANY site–should have to justify their religious beliefs, which is what you seem to be trying to instigate, and no one has the right to belittle others, especially when it’s not even relevant. I know what kind of people demonise religions for no reason: people who are insecure and feel like victims of an imaginary, self-aggrandising attack.
    just get out, trolls, and go back to school before you start harassing people about topics you obviously don’t understand now.

    what a mad, alternate reality American political and religious dialogue has become.

  20. you don’t even know what a prophet is in Islam. what a joke your irrelevant ecumenical poetic waxings are. please, get out.

  21. Hey Annie and Lilly! Just go over to MM’s website and we can have an intelligent conversation with some people who care about this country, and don’t spend their time bashing people who they are too stupid to understand. You can’t talk to these idiots. They will never understand the truth. They are blind to it. Let them rot in their hate for Michelle. I don’t think it will bother or stop her……so who cares about this pathetic site. So…. I’ll see you over there!
    A. Devine

  22. I’m on my way Mr. A. Devine. Good thinking!

  23. As they say Mr. D…..Let’s blow this dump of a blog. Will knock the dust from my boots and meet you and Lilly at a real watering hole rather than hang around this dry well.

  24. Lilly and AD, you should have stayed there in the first place. you wouldn’t have had to get so defensive and then…oh my…cut and run.
    I’m sorry, Mary, for getting a little intense. though, I’m glad you’ll let this exchange happen at all….it wouldn’t be allowed on MM’s site, as the honorable zenman said.

  25. “You still have the wrong religion….not a jew either. Sorry I don’t have any prophets at all. And now I have discovered you can’t read either. My reference to Islam does not refer to the writer or commenters of this blog….but to a religion that does worship a prophet. Sentence structure 101……oh never mind. This is a waste of good time……back to the world of reality.”


    Even if you are not a jew you are still a pharisee. Well the lord will judge you based on your hatred and hypocrisy Lily. Miss Divine (oops sorry about the name) and Lily there is an institiution called the Michelle Malkin’s Deluded Fans. You can commit yourself with your delusional antics and your wet dreams about Michelle. The ward will greet you in with free tinfoil hats and a six months training camp to be a yaya as well. But you have to have a yaya mask on so you won’t be recognized. If you are a good yaya you will be sent to a rich house taking care of the rich parent’s babies in the Phillipines. They will accommodate you with the best treatment. If you act like a bad yaya you will be sent to take care of the Royal babies of Saudi Arabia. LOL

  26. Adara send them to the Michelle Malkin’s deluded fan club…

  27. Lilly’s earlier reference to “muslims worshipping a prophet” is a perfect example the mindset MM caters to. If Lilly actually reads real books written by serious historians or scholars, she will know that muslims don’t worship humans let alone their prophet.

    I actually spend a lot of time reading comments on MM website. The amount of basic ignorance of history, geography, or even properties of matter, is staggering. Compare to the educated more intelligent crowd that writes on this and many other “liberal” websites.

    Now here is the surprise Lilly: I am conservative! But a paleo
    liberterian one; not that I think you know what that means. At this stage of history, the state of conservatism is so sad that I’d rather hang out with “liberals” who actually espouse “some” of the traditional conservative ideas.

  28. Matt:

    As a left-leaning moderate, I say Welcome!

    And just to let you know, I have nothing in particular against conservatism itself, and in fact I can agree with some of its precepts – fiscal prudency, strong defense, etc.

    I would submit to you, though, that what we’re witnessing today is not true conservatism – in my mind, a “conservative” would wish to “conserve” such basics as the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. I don’t think that what passes for conservative leadership these days gives much mind to “conserving” the Bill of Rights, Constitution, or Habeas Corpus. To me, it’s more reminiscent of proto-fascism, and people like the divine Mrs. M. prove that on a daily basis with her blog and appearances on Fox News.

    So again, welcome!

  29. Zenman,

    I agree. Furthermore, I’d personally rather have an serious and enlightening conversation with some one I disagree with, rather than an idiotic conversation with someone I agree with. Sadly, that’s what one gets these days on so called conservative forums. They are indeed more appropriately described as fascists.

  30. To Matt:

    Welcome to the fray!

    To Everyone:

    Thanks for your comments and for doing battle with the trolls. I don’t always have time to post in the comments threads but I do try to keep up with them and I truly appreciate your participation. 🙂


  31. Sorry for the late comment, but you’re all wrong. In this painting, Michelle is not inside the cell, but outside. This heretofore unknown artwork represents Michelle’s audition for the part in “Midnight Express”, but she didn’t get it because she was too conservative to show her nipple. The words she’s saying are, “Ohhhh, Billy!!!”