Michelle Malkin is an Idiot
And now for something completely different…

By Mary    ·     February 21st, 2008 at 3:29 pm

I’m back. Still catching up on Michelle Malkin’s latest.

In the meantime, here’s two Serbians mooning CNN.


  1. Hi Mary!
    Welcome back! Good to see you around again. We missed ya.

  2. Welcome back…hope your life is good.

  3. So glad you are back !!! Sure have missed you

  4. Welcome back.. let’s get a good michelle malkin story goin.

  5. Bryan Preston has left Hot Air to go over to work for Laura Ingraham as a radio producer. MM announced in on Hot Air by saying he left the company. He said nothing, not even a good bye post to their readers.

    Do you suppose he left on not such good terms?

  6. Brenda,

    It certainly wouldn’t surprise me re: Mr. Preston, considering how important he was to that operation. Besides any type of clashes that may/may not have occurred, I have noticed a decided, uh, LACK of appearances on the TV and otherwise by Talkin’ Michelle Malkin. My guess is that not all is good over at the HotAir camp in general. I might be wrong on this (please set me straight if I am), but I think the Divine Mrs. M’s self-destruction post-Graeme Frost might just about be complete. She’s marginalized herself to the point where Foxy Noise won’t touch her.

    And she’s got no one to blame but herself. Now that’s rich.

  7. Zenman,
    I agree with your observations. I think that his wife (she is from Japan) probably encouraged him to expand his career aspirations. My guess is that his foray into blogging was more of a personal dream than a practical dream.
    Working closely with Michelle would likely burn out the most professional of people! I do find Bryan to be kind of insufferable and hope he finds his balance before he gets too old.

  8. Now let’s see how long Ed Morrisey puts up with MM and her minions on such an up-close-and-personal basis. Guesses, anybody?

  9. I was surprised to see Ed Morrisey is actually giving up his blog. That other one who did this was Ian Scwartz. His blog was Expose the Left. He joined Hot Air but didn’t stay long at all. He now has his own blog again.

    I think Ed is crazy for giving up his site to go work for her.

    The other thing that’s odd is that there haven’t been any videos at Hot Air starring her on in a long long time. I thought the whole idea of her and Bryan Preston joining together and starting that blog was to have a vblog. He had the technical film background to make it work, then suddenly the Vents were not happening anymore.

    Did she have some kind of backing that feel through?

    I think Ed Morrisey will proabably last a few months like Ian. I think he will regret the move.

    I believe Malkin shot herself in the foot by screwing up her gig on Billo’s silly show, I think the whole Geraldo thing caused that. Then the stalking of the kid and his family was icing on the cake.

    If you notice she really didn’t have such a presence at CPAC this year either.

  10. One other thing, she aligned herself with Pajamas Media, I guess for ad revenue, which is how she makes her money.

    I thought that was strange, wouldn’t that mean that all the money comes into Pajama Media and then they pay her? I have never blogged so I am not sure how the ad payments work. If anyone knows how this works, please share.

    You would think that she would make more money handling the ads herself directly. Sounds odd.

    One other thing I noticed is that she changed or did a major over haul onher own personal blog with ads, I am wondering if this was done maybe since Hot Air is floundering?

  11. Several years ago I felt that the only place she had left to go and which she was clearly gunning for was her own regular gig on Fox News. If she succeeded, she would continue to grow, but if it didn’t, she would begin to fade away.

    Since Fox News didn’t work out for her, she has nowhere to go. She has already shown that she has a lousy television personality and I can’t see any other station showing an interest in her.

    It’s really sad in a way. She’s fed from the wingnut trough for so long, I doubt she knows how to just work in a regular job like everyone else. What marketable skills does she have?

    I think husband Jesse’s going to have to dust off that resume of his and get back into the workforce, so that Michelle can stay home and homeschool the kids. After all, she’s listed so many reasons to do so on her web site.

    Oha, and welcome back into action Mary!

  12. If you go by what Alexa.com says the stats for HA and MM sites are not that great. They have trended downward since Nov 06.
    It has got to bother her that Laura picked up Bryan as well as the guest spot on Oreilly. In her world that is Godfather type betrayal!
    If the election ends up with a McCain win her star will fizzle even faster than it has been. An Obama win and she gets a brief respite.