Michelle Malkin is an Idiot
Michelle Malkin’s World

By marymary    ·     July 12th, 2006 at 7:42 pm



  1. Now THAT is comedy gold!

  2. […] Marymary over at MM=I recently exhibited her awesome command and understanding of all the fucked up things that travel through Michelle’s/Jesse’s brain(s). And what better medium than a Malkin version of the Monopoly game board. Classic. […]

  3. I really like the Little Lulu as Rich Uncle Pennybags photoshop job. Very well done!

  4. Thanks, y’all. I had fun with this one, glad you like.

  5. Ole!

  6. Bravo!

  7. So many countries, so many customs. Mable.

  8. I just saw her on Bill’s show- no matter how conservative she claims to be – she will never wake up white and blonde – she has the bitch part down – you cant listen to her and not think it ” What a bitch”- she will always be what she is – and trying to be the voice of the right is not going to wash her white !!

  9. FYI:As Much as She Decries”Anchor Babies”,Turns Out She Herself Is One!!Seems Her Parents Were In California on A Work Visa when Her Mommy Got Preggers,So Since She was Born In The USA,She’s An Automatic US Citizen!!
    So From There,It Was An Easy Step For Mamacita y Padre to Become US Citizens!!!
    “People Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of The Government.
    Government Should Be afraid Of The People.”-hugo Weaving:”V For Vendetta”.
    shanghaiJohnnyP.;Celtic/Confederate/Native American.;Scots-Irish S.O.B.;Slayer of Sacred Cows On Both The Left and Right Since 2005!!

  10. Michelle Malkin is moral, brilliant, beautiful and mature
    On a scale of 1 to 10 she rates an easy 37.6. You Liberal scum hate her because she is good and right.

  11. “Moral, beautiful, and brilliant”. Yeah, she’s neck-and-neck with “Ann the Man” Coulter in the “beautiful” department. And brilliant, too. Brilliant like a retard.

  12. Michelle Malkin is beautiful and a genius. Liberals have absolutely gone nuts ! I’m sooooooo glad that the so called Democrat Candidates for president have been up front about their wacko agendas. I really thought they would try to get the White House first.

  13. Al and Paul –

    You two can’t do any better than that? First item first: liberal scum? Who are you, Darth Vader? Also, I fail to see how beauty factors into a discussion on her views. Also, “good” is highly subjective. If liberals thought she was good, they probably wouldn’t take exception to her, now would they? You can’t try to pull this kind of moral absolutism if you want to have a civilized discussion.

    And Paul? Wow. Just… wow. Again with the subjectivity. Could you at least be decent about it? Oy, ve ist mer.

  14. Well, squirrely and liberal are intellectually synonamous…Gods morality is, in fact, absolute.Those foolish enough to embrace a subjective existentialism find themselves in a constant flow of self-contradiction.eg: Can you live in peace with the morals of a Gacy or a Manson? Got it?

  15. I just Stumbled Upon this site, which is good, because I totally agree. Michelle Malkin is an idiot. I have always thought that, and this just proves that the internet has already beat me to everything.

  16. Good to know that the commie, teasonist liberals can rally around spewing hatred of someone of a different opinion than yours… By the way, where is your condemnation of the Holocaust-denying, Islamofascist in Iran? Oh, that’s right… you’re only tolerant when you choose to be.


  17. Another case of Bush Dementia Syndrome a virulent pathogen accompanied by the characteristic pathology so well known and easily identified..

    Sadly there is no known cure..or treatment..

  18. gee, i’m a liberal and i think she’s hot as hell

  19. I’m a right wing nut, but you and me are eye-to-eye on MM. Forget politics — she is hot as hell. Just…wow. And Paul the buttboy (above) must not like women, but he shouldn’t take out his bias on MM. No objective standard of beauty leaves her out of the finals, unless you hate brown-skinned people.

    Then again, he thinks Ann Coulter looks like a guy, so maybe that’s out, too. If Ann Coulter walked down Michigan Avenue in Chicago in the summer, there’d be a major car accident. His analogy is not credible.

    MaryMary – you’re an idiot.

  20. Lars…….I feel bad for you buddy if you think Michelle Malkin is hot. As far as filipino women go, she’s about the ugliest i’ve seen. The only other neo-cons uglier than her are Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter. Both of those nimrods should be checked for the amount of testosterone in their bodies

  21. How to ID idiots: Infallible! They call sane, accomplished folks “idiots” and they use the f-word a lot!

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